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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My Camera Treasure

I have a love for all things vintage, and just recently I bought an Olympus Pen EES-2 from a thrift store for a really cheap price. At the time I wasn’t very familiar with what type of camera the Olympus Pen was; all I knew was that it looked old, it felt old (the whole thing was made out of metal) and it was only selling for a couple of dollars.

The camera didn’t come with a manual but the lady at the thrift store said it should still work. A quick search on the Internet showed me a scanned manual of the Olympus Pen EES-2, with clear instructions on how to load film. I was just about to do that until I realized that the film winder of my new old camera was broken! It looks like I wouldn’t be able to take pictures with my Olympus Pen; I mean, it’s such an old camera. Who in the world could possibly repair this? And where can I find them? I’m pretty sure they don’t set up shop at malls!

I decided to try my luck on the Internet and see if I could find someone who might know a film camera repairman. And sure enough, I found a yellow page listing of this guy who collects and repairs vintage cameras as a profession and hobby. He lives not too far away from my city and he was able to repair my camera! Now my Olympus Pen works as good as new.

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