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Thursday, 19 February 2009

To Boldly Go Where No Rice Cooker Has Gone Before

Hello! Hello! Hello! As I was updating my blog today, I simply got bored with the usual topics, so today; I will be doing a special experiment just for you guys! Yes, Blogging History!

As I was cleaning the basement today, I realized that I had bought a rice cooker before and until now has remained unused. I even forgot why I bought it before... lol! Silly me, I know. I think it was during a sale online, I think. But all I can remember was that I had bought it online. But anyways, let us move on to the main event.

I searched online about the things I can do to with a rice cooker... aside from making rice of course! Yes, I was bored and no, I do not want to blow it up like the usual tech blogs with their crazy experiments... lol! This is a safe experiment mind you. But alas, nothing was written about it. So I have decided to entertain myself on: ‘What if I was left on an island with a rice cooker?’ Haha!

Ok, let us start with what else I can cook with a rice cooker (Please do not try these experiments kids, unless supervised):

1. Rice. Definitely rice.

2. Pasta and Instant Noodles. (Boiled water, added pasta and noodles on it, added salt, and it worked! Al dente!)

3. Cream of Mushroom Soup! (LOL! Yes, Boiled Hot Water first, added mushrooms, added seasoning, milk)

4. Boiled regular water. Lots of uses.

5. Cooked Canned Corned Beef. (Added: Oil, Garlic, Corned Beef)

6. Used it as a food steamer / heater. (D’oh!)

Hmmm, I’d definitely try more experiments later. I’m writing as I’m experimenting at the moment so if anyone of my current readers have a request or an idea of what else can I do with a rice cooker, feel free to message me! My own online experiment show! Talk to you guys later!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Online Shopping

Every time I need something, the first thing I do is to go online and find what I am looking for.

Sad but true, I have now realized that the internet is a vital part of our daily lives. It is so powerful that it connects us to potential clients for our businesses, chat with relatives overseas, find a cool blouse whenever I need one and even bid for collector’s items that are on auction from different websites!

Amazing isn’t it?

Well, it only took me 5 minutes to look for the right tiles that I needed so badly to remodel my kitchen floor and to actually match it with the entire kitchen setup!
Gone are the days when I have to actually travel a few hours to the nearest malls to go and find the right fit. But now, all it takes is to choose from the online brochure from the website of the tile supplier and to actually order it from them at a cheaper price and they would deliver it on the spot. It even has a money back guarantee and an exchange policy in the terms and agreement which is absolutely stunning as it really frees up a lot of time since I could spend more time with the family or during busy weekdays.

Make sure though that you are dealing with the right company. There are also many scam websites which I have seen and they even have nice aesthetics! I usually check the better business bureau if I am dealing with an unknown company but right now, I go to the usual trusted sites. I have so many ideas to write to and discuss with you but unfortunately, I have to go... lol. See you soon!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

A wedding day to remember

A friend of mine just announced her engagement to her long-time boyfriend and I was so happy and excited about the great news! I never thought she would be the marrying type but it looks like she changed her mind and decided to settle down. What was even more unexpected was when she asked me to be her maid of honor and help her plan her wedding. I said yes immediately, of course, but I also told her that I wasn’t sure that I have time to help her with all of the wedding plans – my day job has been keeping me so busy these days! Not to mention that they set the wedding date six months from now. If we’re going to plan this thing, we have to start as early as now!

I suggested that she hire a wedding planner instead, and she asked me if I knew any. Unfortunately, the most helpful response I could give her was that we could attend a bridal fair and look for one there. She wanted a wedding planner as soon as possible though, so I came up with an even better idea.

That evening, I went online and did a search for a wedding planner in our area. It didn’t take long for me to come up with several numbers that my friend can call. In less than a week, my friend decided which wedding planner to hire and we’re meeting her for lunch to discuss her concept for the wedding. I can’t wait!