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Friday, 9 January 2009

Exercises for your arms and wrists

I was looking for some easy but great exercises for someone that is glued to the desktop computer. I write for a living and have experienced slight numbness due to sitting in a chair all day. The rest of my body aches too, after some hours especially around the shoulders and elbows down to the wrists. I guess it’s all because when you sit and work on your desktop computer, you are in a position where your shoulders are bent forward, your back is slightly curved and elbows folded at 90 degrees closer to the body.

Spending lots of time writing for a living, you will need to find some exercise tips that are simple to do and yet give you the relief, at least to go on for a few more hours.
This is a simple exercise which will help your wrists and forearms: Hold your right arm straight out, in front of you, with your palm facing up. Use your left hand to pull your fingers back and down to the floor. Feel the stretch on the underside of your forearm and wrist. Now turn your palm round, so that it faces downwards and draw the fingers back towards the forearm, keeping them straight. Swap sides.

Another thing you can do, of course, if you have the time and can afford it, is to find your very own personal trainer. There are lots of them - many advertise online - who are dedicated to helping your achieve your goals of doing some regular moving, when you sit all day. Your body will thank you in the end.

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