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Monday, 2 March 2009

Tights or stockings?

After some in depth research I found out that nearly 80% of men prefer women to wear stockings rather than tights or even bare legs. However the same percentage of women prefer to wear tights rather than stockings. As a woman, I fail to see the real reason for the men's preference. Aren't tanned bare legs more attractive?

Comfort versus attractiveness and sexuality means that stockings often win, in spite of being uncomfortable. Women will wear them knowing that men find them a turn on.

Is there a difference for men between hold ups and stockings held by a garter belt? Hold ups are much prettier due to the lace tops, but I'd like to know what men really prefer.

For those of you who like to wear stockings I've seen some lovely ones on www.sexiestplaylingerie.com


N Telling said...

I prefer bare legs or stockings. Frankly – I always thought tights looked quite uncomfortable :).

For stockings, I think I prefer the look of those old fashioned ones with a seam up the back.

Fifi Consulting said...

I found a poem written by Maggie Murray about stockings which seems quite appropriate here.
It's called "Black Stockings" and shows the power of stockings and suspenders in changing how a woman feels and behaves.

Black stockings!

Picked myself up and dusted down
Took myself off up to town
Marks and Sparks had a red dress
Oh no, in that you'll look a mess
Daughter says
Okay says I, trusting she knows
I will have some of those
Pointing to some shoes with heels
Oh no, you don't know how it feels
Daughter says
So now I am dressed in twin set and pearls
With a forties hairstyle, all waves and curls
But behind closed doors, the red dress is worn
With black stockings and suspenders
A new mum is born!